Womens Yoga & Wellness Retreat

Dalvay By The Sea | Spring 2022

A two day retreat filled with intentional practise, delicious food, deep relaxation and self-discovery.

Day 1
10 – 10:15am

Welcoming Circle

10:15 – 11am

Morning Meditation & Hike

11 – 12pm

Yoga – Visaya Practise

12 – 1pm


1 – 2pm

Self Love Workshop

2 – 4pm

Free Time

4 – 5pm

Yoga – Restorative Practise

6 – 7pm


Day 2

7 – 8am

Morning Meditation & Hike

8 – 8:30am

Coffee & Snacks

8:45 – 9:45am

Yoga – Flow

10:15 – 11:15am

Mindful Brunch at Gingerwood Farms

11:15 – 12pm

The Healing Power of Horses

12 – 3pm

Free Time

3 – 3:30pm

Closing Circle

Womens Yoga & Wellness Retreat Pricing

For more information call Stevie Murphy at (902) 213-3522 or email her at sincerelystevie@retreatsforyou.com.

The RFY Team

Stevie Murphy

Stevie Murphy

RFY Co-Founder

Born and raised on PEI, Stevie developed a love for animals at an early age which lead her to become the competitive show jumper she is today.

After graduating with a degree in International Business from Lynn University, she went on to pursue her passion for wellness at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Recently launching her business, Sincerely Stevie, she now provides support and guidance to her clients, helping them reach their healthiest and happiest lives.

Danny Murphy

Danny Murphy

RFY Co-Founder

Danny Murphy is President of D.P. Murphy Inc., a PEI based hotel and Restaurant Company. Always enjoying some sort of physical activity, he found yoga in 2008.

Seeing the benefits that a regular yoga practice provided, he completed the Modo Yoga Teacher Training in Montreal in October 2018.

Yoga along with his Transcendental Meditation practice, since 2014, and early morning sun salutation have made a real difference and has helped him manage his stress and other challenges that life brings.

Kelly Cameron

Kelly Cameron

Yoga Instructor

With years of experience both as a student and a teacher, I’ve developed a great passion for yoga and it’s ability to enhance our journey of health and happiness. My teaching comes from training with Yoga Medicine that believes in combining all the modalities of one’s health and the meshing of Eastern and Western yoga to offer the student the best shot at well-being.The purpose of my teaching is ultimately about providing a space where you can feel safe and supported to explore with your own experience to help you move mindfully, efficiently and sustainably through life.

Services We Provide:

Yoga & Meditation

A practice of yoga that pairs breath with mindful movement. Our practice is gentle yet effective making it accessible to all, regardless of your experience with yoga. Along with our mediation practice to calm the mind, find stillness and enhance overall productivity.

Integrative and Intuitive Eating

The Retreats For You (RFY) team are firm believers that we encompass our truth from within. Therefore, when it comes to food we encourage our attendees to decide what foods make them feel their best! While also focusing on their personal goals and supporting them to create a game plan that will allow them to achieve their healthiest self.

Gratitude & Resilience

Gratitude is an astoundingly powerful practice that can enhance overall joy and improve mindset. Through gratitude practices, we will strengthen physical and mental resilience to serve us throughout our day to day challenges.

Horse Therapy

At Gingerwood Farm, we believe that horses are good for the soul. The act of watching, touching, brushing and feeding the horses sparks a calming sensation and has the ability to shift our perspective for the better.


Whether its the beach or in the forest of Bubbling Springs, hiking is a great way to move the body, clear the mind and connect with nature.

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